Clayton Patterson’s Outlaw Art Gallery Reopens

The spirit of the Lower East Side is very much alive and Clayton Patterson’s gallery is open again. Clayton’s artwork is also very much alive: prints, paintings, photographs and let’s not forget the hats. Why anyone would would wear a hat advertising a sports team rather than original art is beyond my understanding. As the man said “It’s not a Stetson, it’s a Clayton”
The Outlaw Art Gallery is at 161 Essex Street in the heart of Manhattan. And yes, Mahattan has a heart.

Maryland BMW Airheads Supertech 2015

The Airheads Beemer Club’s Supertech 2015 was held at the Tuckahoe Farm, Steam and Machinery Museum in Easton, MD February 20-22.
For those who don’t know, Airheads in this case refers to air-cooled BMW Motorcycles, the classics, not made since 1995 that use simpler technology and therefore allow users to do their own maintenance and most repairs. A major advantage for the mechanically inclined.
The Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Association operates the Museum, it offers a breathtaking collection of classic steam engines, farm equipment and machine tools from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The event organized by Mark Lipschitz, Will Andalora, Didier Devynck and their team featured seminars by Tom Cutter on Airheads maintenance and on transmission overhaul, by jean Lachaud on instrument repair, by Bob Sipp on emergency transmission rescue, by Bill Dudley on electrical systems, by Dave Fisk on main seal replacement, by Mike Cecchini on Airheads Electrics, by Jim McKinna on Garmin use and by Bill Lambert on Emulators and Front Fork Rebuild.
Bob Sipp’s cutaways of various components were on display. A mental picture, if you have one, is one thing but seeing exactly what is inside of a gearbox or a muffler is pure enlightenment.