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BMW R100RS 40th Anniversary Celebration

In 1977 BMW introduced a Sports/Touring motorcycle equipped with a full frame-mounted fairing that immediately acquired a dedicated following. The love affair lives on. This machine looked stunning and it still does. The fairing was tested in a wind tunnel and its performance matched its appearance. Production ended in 1984 but the R100RS remains a prized possession for many enthusiasts.
Todd Trumbore hosted this celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the R100RS and deserves much credit for a organizing a top-notch event.
Hans Muth, head of the design team that created the R100RS was in attendance, as was Udo Gietl one of the Superstars of the racetrack who illustrated himself on BMW machines among other marques.
Hans Joachim Sieberock, whose company supplies aftermarket BMW performance motorcycle parts also gave a presentation as did Tom Cutter of Rubber Chicken Racing Garage – yes, the man as a sense of humor to match his expertise – and Karl Myers of Hermy’s BMW left no stone unturned in his Tech Session. His advice on the importance of keeping mice out of your air filter particularly resonated and Bill Dudley’s presentation of the airbag vest was an eye opener. Ed Bach’s presentation on his 5-year, 110-country tour on a BMW R1200 GS was a big sensation.

Long Island Pen Show 2017

Once again the writing instrument community celebrated the rites of Spring by gathering for the Long Island Pen Show held at Hofstra University’s Student Center on April 1st and 2nd.
And once again it was a pleasure to see just about every pen ever made and the good souls who make them, collect them, repair them, sell them and let’s not forget those who buy them. Pens are a fascinating manifestation of human ingenuity and and dedication to the pleasures of handwriting. And the people are even more interesting than the pens.
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Maryland BMW Airheads Supertech 2017

One again the Maryland Airheads Supertech weekend event was held at the Tuckahoe Steam and gas Museum in Easton, MD on February 18-20. Many thanks to all the worthy souls who made it happen: the Organizers namemely Master Chef and MC Mark Lipschitzand Maryland Airmarshall Will Andalora, Lord of the Bings Bob Sipp, Head Guru Tom Cutter, Mike Friedle, Bill Dudley, Bill Lambert, Ed Fule, dave Cushing, Dave Fish, Kat and Paul Connell, Tom Mullican, Jim Hopkins and Special Guest Brook Reams.