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Maryland BMW Airheads Supertech 2017

One again the Maryland Airheads Supertech weekend event was held at the Tuckahoe Steam and gas Museum in Easton, MD on February 18-20. Many thanks to all the worthy souls who made it happen: the Organizers namemely Master Chef and MC Mark Lipschitzand Maryland Airmarshall Will Andalora, Lord of the Bings Bob Sipp, Head Guru Tom Cutter, Mike Friedle, Bill Dudley, Bill Lambert, Ed Fule, dave Cushing, Dave Fish, Kat and Paul Connell, Tom Mullican, Jim Hopkins and Special Guest Brook Reams.

Clayton Patterson’s Outlaw Art Gallery Reopens

The spirit of the Lower East Side is very much alive and Clayton Patterson’s gallery is open again. Clayton’s artwork is also very much alive: prints, paintings, photographs and let’s not forget the hats. Why anyone would would wear a hat advertising a sports team rather than original art is beyond my understanding. As the man said “It’s not a Stetson, it’s a Clayton”
The Outlaw Art Gallery is at 161 Essex Street in the heart of Manhattan. And yes, Mahattan has a heart.