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Airheads at the Aerodrome Rally 2014 at Wilcox Park

This has been a tradition for the last 20 years. The venue is Wilcox County Park, near Rhinebeck, NY. The Rally is organised by Fearless Leader Mike Friedle who, along with his Better Half Karla, their daughter Alice (and a sizable crew of Volunteers) provide the steam power to make this Rally an exceptionally enjoyable experience featuring the best rally food in living memory. This a camping Rally and the number of campers being limited by Dutchess County Parks Dpt. many of the same folks tend to show up year after year and there is a family affair flavor to the event, although anyone who sends a check in time is welcome and will be made to feel welcome, the atmosphere is very friendly indeed.
For those who asked “Airheads” refers to air-cooled BMW motorcycles whose simpler technology, reliability and ease of maintenance ensure a dedicated following.
The “Aerodrome” refers to the Rhinebeck Aerodrome and Museum featuring an antique and period aircraft collection and a Classic Air Show featuring World War I (and later) classic machines.